Bagpipe Restoration & Refurbishing Service

by David Macdonald

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Lyons Bagpipes & Highland Supplies in partnership with David Macdonald are happy to introduce a new professional Bagpipe Restoration and Refurbishing Service.

Everything from a really professional re-hemping job, right through to the total inner and outer restoration of your bagpipe. Whether they are only a few years old or over 100 years old, each process will be meticulously and professionally completed to give a quality new and clean finish.

Any parts included in your Restoration or Refurbishing can be purchased from David Macdonald direct, at the prices displayed on the Lyons Bagpipes & Highland Supplies Website.

Please confirm all prices before any work begins.

Refurbishing & Restoration

External Work

Combing & Beading Clean & Polish $245.00

This process involves each piece being placed in a lathe and the surface area being skimmed off to clean away any old varnish and to re-define the woodwork. The end result being an almost new looking bagpipe. The wood is then all finished with a natual wax to re-seal and protect it

Mounts Cleaned (Silver or Ivory) $95.00 (Catalin Orange Plastic) $145.00

Again each piece is placed in a lathe and polished to a new look. Silverwork is highly polished, Ivory is lightly sanded to a new finish and polished and even that old orange plastic can be taken down to reveal a new ivory look.

Internal Work

Clean & Polish Bore & Reed Seats $145.00

Each bore is cleaned and polished. Tuning slide bores will be paralleled if they have become slightly tapered and reed seats will be cleaned and polished.

Fitting & Hemping

Set Up to play $75.00

Fit Pipe Bag, Bag Cover & Cords. Install & Set-up Chanter & Drone Reeds. Also includes fitting and set-up of any moisture control system, drone valves, blowpipe valve or other special requirements by customer.

Hemping $150.00

Full hemping of all bagpipe joints with quality black pre-waxed hemp. (hemp included in price)

All Payments must be made to David Macdonald using Cash, Money Order or Cheque (made to:- David Macdonald)


Click Below to view some of Davids' Restoration Projects

R.G. Lawrie Bagpipes with Plain Silver & Real Ivory Mounts (circa pre-1900) (also in photo above)

Henderson Bagpipes with Full Ivory Mounts (circa 1900) (David Macdonald)

R.G. Lawrie Bagpipes with Nickel & Blackwood Mounts (circa 1950) (Phil Walker, Warrnambool, Victoria)


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