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HUGE Pre-Christmas CD & DVD Sale. ALL CD's $15 (Doubles $20) and ALL DVD's $20. Only while stocks last. Sale ends Christmas.


Unfortunately there are NO recordings of the 2015 World Pipe Band Championships on DVD or CD :-(


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Pipe Band C.D's

Pipe Band Studio Recordings and Live Concert Performances

Solo Piping & Piping Groups C.D's

Solo Piping, Piping Groups and Compilations, Concert & Recitals

Studio Recordings, Competitions and Live Concert & Recital Performances

World Pipe Band Championships C.D's

Recordings from most of the World Pipe Band Championships in the modern era

Piobaireachd C.D's

Piobaireachd Competition and Instructional Recordings including:-

The Donald MacLeod Tutorial Series and Masters of Piobaireachd Series

World Pipe Band Championship DVD's

World Pipe Band Championship DVD's from 2005 to present


DVD's from Pipe Band Concert Performances and Solo Piping Contests & Recitals

Highland Dance C.D's

Highland Dancing Competition, Warm Up and Practice CD's

Highland Dance DVD's & Books


Instructional Publications, C.Droms & Music Writing Programs

Instructional Books, CD's, DVD's, CD Roms and Videos



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