Piping Lessons

by Ian Lyons

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Piping Lessons are available with Ian Lyons only In-Person.

Lessons can be booked on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Or even periodically just to brush up on your piping skills.

Lessons are available from Beginner to Advanced Levels and also in the classical bagpipe music, Piobaireachd.


Lesson can be for the following levels

Beginner Level 1 - Learners no yet playing on pipes.

Beginner Level 2 - Pipers already playing on pipes.

Advanced Piper Level - Experienced pipers.


Piobaireachd Lessons

Beginner Level 1 - Learning to play Piobaireachd for the first time.

Beginner Level 2 - Pipers who have learnt the basics of Piobaireachd.

Advanced Piper Level - Experienced pipers who are playing Piobareachd.


Weekly Schedule

50 Minute Lessons available on Monday Nights Only

Lesson 1 from 6.00pm til 6.50pm

Lesson 2 from 7.00pm til 7.50pm

Lesson 3 from 8.00pm til 8.50pm

Lesson 4 from 9.00pm til 9.50pm

Other special lessons times can be arranged.


Call to Enquire or Arrange Lessons:-

Phone:- (03) 9761 4619

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