Canmore Zip Pipe Bag

The Canmore Zip Pipe Bag is a synthetic pipe bag with a side zip.

The Canmore Pipe Bag comes complete with an Airtight Zip. It also includes a small tube of Zip Lubricant, 5 pieces of Amalgamating Tape and a piece of Tying-in Cord.

Fitting Instructions

Start off by installing the 3 Drone Stocks. Simply push them up through the Stock Holders from the inside of the bag until the bottom of the stock becomes just short of flush with the bottom of the Stock Holder. Then install the Blowpipe Stock in the same way.

The Chanter Stock has to be installed in the traditional tying-in method. Position the chanter stock where it will suit for comfort and then create a noose loop in the tying-in cord. Place the loop over the stock and tie the stock in as tightly as possible ensuring that the tying-in cord is positioning itself into the step groove in the top of the stock. Tie off the cord securely. (If you have never done this before, it is advisable to seek assistance from someone who is familiar with tying-in pipe bags)

Once all the stocks are in place, it is time to apply the Amalgamating Tape to help hold each stock in place and to create a perfect seal between the stock and stock holder. The amalgamating tape comes in short pieces but stretches out incredibly to form a skin like consistency. It sticks to, and also amalgamates with itself to almost form one piece. Peel the backing tape off about 20mm and then use your thumb to hold it in position to start. Apply whilst stretching it out at the same time. Each piece should go around the stock several times. If it snaps just stick it on again and continue. Once you come close to the end of the piece stretch it until it snaps and this will stick to the end.

The Canmore Zip Bag is now completely fitted. Test the bag for airtightness before putting the pipes back together.

If the Zip becomes dry, it is necessary to lubricate it using the tube of lubricant supplied. Lightly lubricate the teeth of the whole length of the zip. There are also 2 little indents at the end of the zip where a very small amount of the lubricant should be applied. The zip pull carries the lubricant across the zip itself each time that it is opened and closed. Each time the zip is closed, make sure that it is locked securely in place.

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